It’s official.  I’m sick because I had some food poisoning.  I am in the hospital and writing this on my iPhone so wish me luck 🙂

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Officially Sick

I’m on my way to the hospital because I’ve been sick for weeks! Wish me luck and I hope it’s nothing serious 😦

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Feelings…Still Sad!

Okay, I’m obviously crazy allergic to something…UGHHHHHHHHHH!


Well, anyways, let’s get on with the post 😛

So I forgot to mention this but…

Happy New Years GLUs and LBRs.

  So what did you guys do for the holidays? The PC and I sure had fun. But I read in Euro Vogue (at Massie’s, hahaha) that perfumes are usually on sale in the Winter, and that’s the best time to shop for them.

   So today, I bought a new perfume that is so ah-mazing that i can hardly stand it. It’s the ah-mazing Alfred Dunhill scent: DESIRE!!!   Anyways, today at Barneys (When I was checking out the perfume), I was sniffing the new ah-dorable Juicy Couture…when a HAWTTIE asked me OUT!  And since Massie’s soooo done with Landon (he was two-timing her with the ugly “flonde” Breena or Brianna or whatever her name was.  But Mass tots dissed her awn Halloween.  “Are you a statue? Then why are you so bronzed?), we’ve awl moved awn.  Mass is dating this new guy (but she doesn’t wanna reveal names yet) and I am dating a John 😀 He is, I swear, a gift from Gawd 🙂 🙂 🙂

Well, that’s awl I really have for goss right now.  Wish me luck awn my horrible illness 😛

Cinnamon ♥


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So TIRED…Dunno Why…Or Do I?

Okay, so I’m on this brand new diet thingy and it’s making me tired; allergies?

Mass and I watched PLL while talking to Alicia…SO AMAZING! Ah, I swore I could DIE!  But maybe Ali died…or maybe not…but I don’t wanna spoil it.

I just arrived from Barney’s New York and bought a lot of items (without even thinking!)and they’re also VERY cute outfits! Then I hanged out at Massie’s “estate”, and half the time, we were flipping through Massie’s new issue of Euro Vogue. Anyways, I need to take a soothing bubble bath with cream, powder, dyed-Vitamin Water, and then chill at Sephora with Kris! 

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Stop The Applications!

OMG, I was just gonna see how far I could go with the viewers, but I managed 😉

Actually no, I was in Europe 😀 😀 😀

Well, what do you expect? I vacation a bunch of times during school for my moms show (OOC: it’s true, but my mom is not famous hahaha) so how do you think I wouldn’t go vacationing during winter?

Well, I’m back now and I’ll be posting, but like Mass said, school is getting super-tough on me now so I have limited time, gotcha? Expect me to post at least three or four times a week.

So I’ve been keeping in touch with Kristen Michelle Gregory and she has agreed to be our Kristen if KristenGregory27 does not show up: woot woot! Haha, sorry Kris, but even I post more often then you!

So, I introduced Mass to this brand new “Clique-nique” of using the book-cover models instead of the actors.  I was getting SO tired of looking up Sophie-Anna Everhard: UGH! Now I can just use some of my OWN pics 😉

Well, that’s awl for now!  Keep checking my blawggie 🙂

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Why do Mass and Leesh have so many views but I don’t?

I will nawt post until I get at least 3 cawmments on anything and at least 700 views!

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Tiny Deets

on my vacay:

  • Boys
  • Swimming
  • Romance
  • Beaches
  • Dancing
  • Bikinis
  • Show
  • Sleep
  • Eat
  • Yawn
  • Burp!

It’s a typical Marvil story.  Well, my vacay was so much fun!
I’m really excited to hear back from all you luhv-ly blawg readers 🙂

So cawmment!

Cinnamon ♥


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